•    Construction Law

Russell and Russell has a well-developed legal practice in all areas dealing with construction law and litigation.  Our attorneys have represented all of the potential parties on construction projects, including owners, developers, construction managers, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and design professionals. We assist our construction clients in day-to-day operations, including credit assessment and project management issues.  We have negotiated and drafted contracts for virtually every party in the construction process.  We have brought and defended construction claims in litigation, mediation, and arbitration in the Washington DC Metropolitan area and in many states across the country.


We have extensive experience in the specialized area of mechanic's liens in the Washington Metropolitan area as well as in other states.  Creation and perfection of a mechanic's lien is one of the most technical areas of the law.  We are adept at helping claimants assert their rights using this extremely powerful weapon in many jurisdictions.  We have perfected mechanic's liens, filed to enforce them, and have enforced judgments all the way to sale of the property to satisfy the lien.


In addition, we have defended and have the ability to defend owners of commercial properties, including owners in the hospitality industry from these claims in local jurisdictions and in courts in other parts of the country.  Our mechanic's lien clients have also included general contractors, subcontractors, third and fourth tier suppliers and design professionals.  We are familiar with the specific requirements imposed on each of the parties to raise and perfect a mechanic's lien on both commercial and residential projects. 


Similarly, we are experienced in prosecuting bond claims on State, Federal and private lands when assertion of mechanic's liens is not possible.  Payment and performance bonds present specialized challenges.  We have extensive experience presenting these claims in both State and Federal courts.  We have helped our clients recover on numerous bond claims, on projects ranging from Federal and State Highway and Metro construction claims to schools and commercial buildings and parking structures and other high-profile development and infrastructure projects under the Miller Act and the Little Miller Acts of Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia.  Our understanding of the intricacies of this process allows us to resolve these claims in an efficient manner and equips us to handle these matters in virtually any State or Federal court in the United States. We also have extensive experience in insurance and surety law, which many times grants us the ability to navigate and recover bond claims without the necessity of litigation.


We also have many years of experience in the drafting and negotiation of construction contracts, from small projects to multi-million dollar State and Federal infrastructure projects.